concrete products

Our range of precast concrete products include: structural and architectural panels, beams, columns, barriers, retaining walls, stairs, ramps, noise walls and crash barriers.

Structural capacity

Structural precast concrete panels are a strong, durable and versatile building material, particularly suited to Australia’s harsh climatic extremes and requiring minimal maintenance. They can be engineered to meet the structural needs of every type of domestic construction.


An almost endless variety of shapes, colours, textures and finishes is available for precast concrete. It can be moulded and shaped to suit almost any design or form. Simple surface treatments are: rebating and grooving, surface coatings and cement-based renders.

Reuse and recycling

Careful design and detailing of precast structures increases their potential for relocation and reuse. Alternatively, they can be simply renovated internally, conserving resources and reducing waste and landfill.

Expertise in your project

We specialise in a wide range of finishes including formliner, oxides and brick snaps. All our products are tested to ensure the highest quality product for your project.

Our Products

Demand for precast concrete panels is increasing as they are a strong, durable and versatile option in construction.  Precast panels can be engineered to meet the structural needs of any type of domestic or commercial construction. 

Precast panels require minimal maintenance and have an extended life cycle. They are a particularly suited to Australia’s climate and are flood and fire resistant and do not shrink, rot or distort. 

Walker Panels offer a range of finishes for precast concrete panels including natural, colour and textured finishes to give any structure a unique appearance.


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