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For individual homes, costs can range in the upper end of high mass solutions. Reduced construction times and need for on-site trades can offset this to some extent. Economies of scale and repetition can further reduce costs.

Superior quality at a competitive price

Some advantages of precast concrete include: speed of construction, reliable supply — made in purpose-built factories and not weather affected, high level performance in thermal comfort, durability, acoustic separation, and resistance to fire and flood

Specialised finishes

Common production methods include tilt-up (poured on site) and precast (poured off site and transported to site). Each method has advantages and disadvantages and choice is determined by site access, availability of local precasting facilities, required finishes and design

For all your precast needs

Precast concrete offers durable, flexible solutions for floors, walls and even roofs in every type of domestic construction from individual cottages to multi-storey apartments.

Expertise in your project

We specialise in a wide range of finishes including formliner, oxides and brick snaps. All our products are tested to ensure the highest quality product for your project.

walker panels

innovative, high quality, competitive price

Our range of precast concrete products include: structural and architectural panels, beams, columns, barriers, retaining walls, stairs, ramps, noise walls and crash barriers.


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